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Body cam footage released in the death of former Colorado Cyclist employee

Published July 16, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BRAIN) — The Colorado Springs Police Department released body camera footage of its confrontation with a former Colorado Cyclist product line manager who died while in custody on May 24.

Five Colorado Springs officers responded to a disturbance call in the 2700 block of Ashgrove Street about a man with a knife, Chad Burnett, 49, threatening another neighbor.

The 49-minute video begins with the 911 call. Officers are then shown at the scene and begin speaking with Burnett. The struggle begins at the 30-minute mark as officers chase Burnett inside his home. Officers tased and tackled him while attempting to handcuff him.

Burnett, who seemed delirious, could be heard screaming various things, such as "help me," "kill me now," "fake police" and "I didn't do anything wrong."

Officers repeatedly pleaded with Burnett to stop resisting, and at one point, one calmly told Burnett, "I want you to breathe and catch your breath. You getting amped up is not going to help you. Take deep breaths. Slow everything down. Help us keep this low-key."

Burnett responded with, "Can I tell you something? I want to make you a hamburger. I'm a chef."

About nine minutes later, Burnett was limp. Two officers checked for his pulse and both said they felt one. Six minutes later, they rolled him on his back and three officers were shown taking turns doing chest compressions as the video ended.

"While typically body-worn camera (footage) is not released until the District Attorney's Office has made their final determination, we believe it is in the public's interest to release the footage," the police department said in a statement. "This decision was made in coordination with the District Attorney's Office as well as the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, who investigated this incident."

Burnett was pronounced dead at the scene, and the El Paso County Coroner's Office will determine the cause of death. The autopsy still has not been released. The officers involved were not hurt and have been placed on administrative leave.

Burnett left Colorado Cyclist last November to start a mobile bike-fitting business, Chaz Pro Bike Fit. On the Chaz Pro Bike Fit website, Burnett said he was a 20-year industry veteran.

Chad Burnett

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