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JBI falls victim to a ransomware attack

Published April 1, 2021

MIAMI (BRAIN) — JBI was the victim of a ransomware attack Thursday, shutting down the global wholesale distributor's website.

A representative at JBI told BRAIN none of its customers' business information was affected because that information is stored off-site.

A JBI representative said Friday the company hopes to be fully operational by Monday.

The ransomware attack is not expected to affect JBI's warehouse operations through Friday as the company is still processing orders nationwide and operations will be reassessed by the weekend.

KHS suffered a similar ransomware attack in February 2020. The California-based distributor was shut down for about a day and half and fully recovered after about two weeks. The company installed bigger servers, a stronger firewall, more secure server software, stronger passwords, and new backup protocols that could be reinstalled more quickly.

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