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Kryptonite creates guide to help customers secure e-bikes

Published September 10, 2021

CANTON, Mass. (BRAIN) — With e-bike demand increasing, Kryptonite has created an online and in-store retail display guide to help customers understand the importance of security with theft on the rise.

The retail display guide is designed to be a conversation starter between store associates and customers, providing an opportunity to discuss how to properly secure e-bikes at home or in town. The guide also can be printed from Kryptonite's website.

Kryptonite refers to a report, which stated e-bike theft has jumped during the COVID-19 pandemic. In New York, from March 1-Sept. 21, 2020, 4,477 bikes — traditional and e-bikes — were reported stolen, an increase of nearly 28% over the same period the year before.

"For retailers, Kryptonite's new e-bike guide is an easy conversation starter with customers, especially those who've never owned a high-value bicycle before," said Daryl Slater, Kryptonite brand manager. "Along with asking about other accessories, they can use the guide's visual cues to point out how to properly secure their e-bike. And, if the customer doesn't have the proper locks at home, retailers can point them in the right direction. While the online experience is different, we're also encouraging e-commerce partners to link to the downloadable brochure to help keep those customers informed on best practices for securing their new purchases."

The guide provides security tips and recommended lock models for various e-bike styles, including cargo and commuter.

"Unfortunately, many people learn the hard way that the way they locked their e-bike had some major security flaws, regardless of the quality of the lock they used," Slater said. "Even the best lock can be rendered less effective through easily avoidable mistakes."

As part of the resource campaign, Kryptonite encourages e-bike owners who purchase its locks to register them through Kryptonite's ATPO program. It reimburses customers for a specific monetary amount based on the lock purchased and cost of the bike, if that bicycle is stolen due to the breaking of a Kryptonite lock by force

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