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Sustainability expert lauds Trek's moves, says other companies need to follow its lead

Published November 10, 2021

(BRAIN) — A climate sustainability expert who has examined bike brands' claims said Trek Bicycle should be applauded for producing a sustainability report that looks at a wide array of its impacts.

Mike Bascombe, a cyclist and sustainability consultant, told PinkBike (like BRAIN an Outside Interactive media title) that companies should examine their businesses in light of the three scopes laid out in the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocol. Scope 1 is direct emissions, including company facilities and company cars. Scope 2 is electricity usage. Scope 3 has 15 categories and includes includes travel, purchased goods and services, transport and shipping.

Last month, PinkBike's Seb Stott asked more than 40 brands for their Co2 emissions reports. Bascombe said Trek stood out.

"I have to applaud Trek here for producing a full sustainability report that included all three scopes," he said. "Disclosing a footprint can be a painful process at the start. It shines a light on things that don't necessarily support sales or brand strength. Revealing that carbon frames are significantly worse from an emissions perspective than alloy versions is not something Trek's marketing team would want to highlight but the numbers are out in the open now. They have first-mover status and deserve the kudos for this."

Bascombe also applauded efforts by Canyon, Endura, Cotic, Pole and Ibis.

Bascombe said he hopes other bike brands will follow Trek's lead. "Companies that don't report fully will soon be the outliers and the associated negative perception will kill the brands involved. The bar has been raised," he said.

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