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Former Kitzuma employee opens bike delivery service on West Coast

Published January 31, 2023

(BRAIN) — Agustin Gonzalez, a former regional supervisor for bike delivery service Kitzuma, has opened his own delivery service to serve the West Coast and parts of the Southwest.

Gonzalez was among the Kitzuma drivers let go when the company suspended its delivery service in the fall. 

Gonzalez’ company, called 3KtoGO, fulfills orders for a handful of bike brands and e-commerce retailers including Ventum and Enve. The Southern California-based company delivers to much of California, as far north as San Rafael and Sacramento and south to the border. It also serves Reno and Truckee, Nevada, the Salt Lake City area, and major cities in Arizona. 

Gonzalez said he generally bundles bike pickups and deliveries for efficiency, serving the more remote areas of the territory every other week. He said most consumers are willing to wait a few days for the white-glove delivery service, which he said couldn’t be profitable if he picked up and delivered single bikes on demand from any location.

“Most people buying a $3,000 e-bike or a $10,000 road bike are willing to wait a few days,” he said, noting that by bundling shipments he can offer clients better shipping rates. Bike brands or retailers who have consumers in more remote areas or who want their bikes faster can opt to have bikes shipped unassembled by a package delivery company, or opt to have a bike shipped to a nearby bike shop for assembly.  

Most brands charge consumers $250-$300 for the white-glove delivery service. Gonzalez often works with consumers to get them set up and ready to ride, sometimes even teaching them how to use clip-in pedals for the first time. “I do whatever it takes, and they appreciate that,” he said.

He even provides consumers with a promotional gift bag, sponsored by Southern California’s Bike Legal. “(The bag) promotes Bike Legal and the other brands outside their usual region, and the consumer gets some swag, so everyone is happy,” Gonzalez said. 

Kitzuma, which was acquired by Australia’s BikeExchange in 2021, has said it plans to resume its delivery service in the spring. BikeExchange, which is publicly traded in Australia, was expected to release its second-quarter earnings report in late January.

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