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Pierer offering Gas Gas and Husqvarna e-bikes to US IBDs

Published April 20, 2023

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — At the Sea Otter Classic's first Industry Day on Thursday, PIERER New Mobility North America Inc. was showing its Husqvarna and GASGAS e-bikes to U.S. bike shops for the first time.

Pierer, which also owns Felt Bicycles, had previously restricted sales of the two e-bike lines to its motorcycle dealers in the U.S. Pat Hus, Pierer's director of sales, said he met with "nine or 10" IBDs during the day and said the new lines were well received. Both brands are also available to motorcycle brands, and the same product line is being sold to both. 

Hus said Felt is primarily sold to IBDs, although a small number of motorcycle dealers who open full bicycle shops within their stores can buy the line as well. 

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