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NY's governor proposes ban on uncertified lithium-ion batteries

Published January 10, 2024

ALBANY, N.Y. (BRAIN) — Gov. Kathy Hochul said during her State of the State address Tuesday that she will propose a state-wide ban on the sale of uncertified lithium-ion batteries.

She also demanded that delivery companies accept more responsibility to make sure contractors use safe devices, announced increased training for local fire departments by the Office of Fire Prevention and Control on how to extinguish lithium-ion battery fires; and expanded lithium-ion battery safety online public service announcements.

New York City experienced 240 fires and 17 deaths from lithium-ion battery incidents in 2023, according to FDNY.

Hochul's announcement comes after State Sen. Iwen Chu introduced four bills in November to address lithium-ion battery safety in New York City, including one that would require all New York state e-bike and e-scooter shops to have fire suppression measures in place.

Dealers selling or repairing e-bikes and e-scooters or who store lithium-ion batteries would be required to have, but not limited to, "Class B extinguishers, battery cases, and automatic monitoring and detection."

Another bill introduced by Chu would require e-bike and e-scooter batteries sold in the state to be tested and approved by UL. Earlier in 2023, the New York City Council passed and Mayor Eric Adams signed into law a lithium-ion battery safety package that included requiring all e-bikes and lithium-ion batteries sold in the city to meet those standards or another recognized certification standard.

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