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Mexican bike makers request anti-dumping investigation

Published December 22, 2014

MEXICO CITY (BRAIN) — Mexican officials have put numerous U.S. bike suppliers on notice that the Mexican government will be placing children's bikes imported from China under increasing scrutiny as it continues an anti-dumping investigation.


The Asociacion Nacional de Fabricantes de Bicicletas (ANAFABI), which represents Mexico's major domestic bike makers, petitioned the government to open the anti-dumping investigation, which began in October. The government will be looking most closely at children's bikes imported during 2013, but considering bikes imported since 2011.

Suppliers are being asked to provide documentation of volume of children's bikes imported and their cost and selling price. These costs will be compared to the market value of similarly spec'ed children's bikes made in China sold in India. ANAFABI claims some bikes on the Mexican market are sold below cost.


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