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DT Swiss restructures as one of three business partners preps for retirement

Published May 20, 2015

BIEL, Switzerland (BRAIN) — DT Swiss Group AG is restructuring as part of a planned succession. Marco Zingg along with Frank Böckmann and Maurizio D'Alberto bought out United Wireworks and renamed it DT Swiss in 1994, and the three business partners have shared leadership duties. But as Zingg prepares to retire, his role at the company is changing.

Zingg, who is turning 59 this year, will remain with the company and a shareholder. He will also continue as chair of the executive board of the Group. While he will remain active in operations, he will step back and help transition his duties to Böckmann and D'Alberto starting July 1. They will take on the roles of directors. Böckmann will head the commercial and administrative division and D'Alberto will continue to manage engineering.

"It was always his plan to retire a little earlier," Böckmann, 50, told BRAIN. "This is what's happening. He's stepping back a little bit and pursuing other avenues. It's how these things evolve and develop. We were waiting for him to make this call and he made it."

"Because we were three guys, we never had someone with the CEO title, but it's always been an interesting format — three guys managing a company and now it will be done by two guys. Maurizio and myself have no immediate plans for retirement," he added.

Zingg handled the company's financials and now Böckmann will take on those duties.

DT Swiss Group AG has been preparing for the change over the past three years and has six other board members with a long history in the company that are leading various divisions.

DT Swiss Group AG is based in Biel, Switzerland, and has subsidiaries in Poland, France, Germany, Taiwan and the U.S. It recently opened an OEM sales office in Temecula, California.

The company employs around 500 people worldwide and generates annual revenues of more than 100 million CHF ($106 million).

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