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Earlier Taichung Bike Week at capacity

Published October 20, 2015
Meetings begin Tuesday.

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Some product managers, distributors and suppliers began arriving here last week to have meetings even prior to the official start of Taichung Bike Week on Tuesday. Still, a good majority streamed into the host hotels — the Tempus, Evergreen and Splendor — throughout the day Monday.

“We’ve got no more space left,” said Pro-Lite’s Steve Fenton, one of the event’s organizers. “Hotels have been sold out because exhibitors rebooked three to four weeks after last year’s show. But people keep telling me: 'Don’t move it to an exhibition center.' ” Rather than an exhibit hall, the event is spread out over the host hotels in small exhibit spaces and suites. 

Fenton said TBW has become more of a two- to three-week affair, as vendors visit the area before, during and after the official four-day show to tour factories and meet with clients.

While TBW began as an OE gathering where exhibitors rent hotel and banquet rooms and hold private meetings with product managers and others to finalize spec, in recent years it also has attracted a number of aftermarket brands that want to show their latest wares, as well as distributors interested in growing their reach into Asian markets.

More than 400 companies are participating this year, with the Splendor hosting the most companies — close to 250 — the Evergreen some 80 to 90 companies, and the Tempus about 45 to 50. Free shuttles circulate between the three hotels.

Ride On hosts another small group, and is held at the Millennium Vee Hotel near Taichung City Hall.

And city government, which has long supported Taichung Bike Week, will host a welcome dinner at the Splendor on Wednesday night. 

TBW moved to earlier October dates this year. The show, which was originally held in December, has moved earlier to keep up with the ever-shifting product cycle. But for some U.S. product managers, even October dates are too late to begin 2017 model-year spec talks, which started as early as spring and summer.

Still, some 5,000 trade visitors are expected to descend on Taichung this week. 

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