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DT Swiss ownership structure changes as Zingg moves toward retirement

Published January 13, 2016

BIEL, Switzerland (BRAIN) — As announced last year, DT Swiss is changing its ownership structure as longstanding CEO and chairman Marco Zingg has sold his shares to his two business partners, Frank Böckmann and Maurizio D'Alberto.


"Thus, after successfully building up the group together for over 20 years, its three founders have now constructed an ideal solution for the next chapter of its history, ensuring the group's continuation as an independent entity," the company announced Wednesday.

Zingg will continue to serve as chairman of the board until the group's general meeting in May and will remain available to the company on a consultancy basis for special tasks.

Following the general meeting, Böckmann will replace Zingg as chairman of the board.

The company said that despite the euro crisis, it has maintained its market position over the last business year and even managed to record a slight increase in sales. The group operates four production sites — in Biel, Poland, Taiwan and the U.S. — and employs more than 600 people worldwide, including 180 at its head office in Biel.

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