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Stromer gains Swiss investors, separates from BMC

Published March 16, 2017

OBERWANGEN, Switzerland (BRAIN) — A Swiss investor group has made a substantial investment in Stromer, completing the e-bike maker's separation from owner BMC.

"We have been able to engage a group of Swiss investors to commit tens of millions of Swiss francs. This will enable us to drive forward the continued development of Stromer ... from an electric bike to a digital bike — thereby again setting new standards with the Stromer," company founder and co-owner Thomas Binggeli said.

Stromer declined to detail the exact amount of the investment.

Binggeli, BMC owner Andy Rihs, and Swatch co-founder and investor Ernst Thomke remain as shareholders and are joined by Ruedi Noser and Stefan Schwab of Swiss investment group Noser Management AG. Binggeli, Noser and Schwab will have seats on Stromer's board.

Under the new structure, Stromer leaves parent company BMC, although Rihs remains involved as a private investor. The two companies joined forces in 2011.

"Stromer remains the technology pioneer following the demanding market development phase and has established itself internationally, so it is definitely ready for independence," Rihs said. "At BMC we will concentrate fully and entirely on our core expertise — the development and distribution of premium sports bikes. The successes of our world-class teams on the road and in the mountain bike sector will help us maintain our position as a Swiss high-end brand."

Binggeli noted that Stromer will now embark on its next chapter developing digital smart e-bikes that learn from the user's riding habits and integrate theft protection and the ability to track the bike's location.

"The digital bike will not only deliver a further improvement in quality of life — it is also the right answer to the mobility requirements of many commuters both in cities and in suburban environments," he said.

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