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Bike industry leaders call Trump's Paris accord decision 'embarrassing' and 'short-sighted'

Published June 2, 2017

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (BRAIN) — Leaders of two of the largest bike brands are speaking out publicly about President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord. 


Trek Bicycle's CEO John Burke tweeted about the decision on Thursday, calling Trump's move "embarrassing."

Specialized made a post on its Facebook page Thursday afternoon, soon after Trump announced his decision.

Specialized's Facebook post drew many reactions, including some negative comments referring to the company's offshore manufacturing and some suggesting the company should stay out of politics. A few minutes after the first posting, Specialized left a comment with a link to its sustainability policies

On Friday, Specialized's CEO Mike Sinyard released a statement and posted remarks on the company's business-to-business website. In the remarks on the B2B site, Sinyard explained to dealers why Specialized was speaking out about Trump's decision.

"As a bicycle company, we have a special connection with the environment, because we know it's best enjoyed, appreciated, and protected by riding bikes. And arguably, we're in the unique position of creating the most environmentally friendly means of transportation. In this way, being responsible stewards of the earth makes good business sense, and the rejection of the Paris Agreement stands as a rejection of this very notion," Sinyard wrote. 

The Outdoor Industry Association also spoke out Thursday in opposition to the move.

"By withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, President Trump has abandoned the United States' leadership on this critical issue and has ignored the voice of individuals and businesses across the country, including many in the outdoor industry. With his actions, the president threatens not only the $887 billion outdoor industry and the 7.6 million American jobs it supports, but threatens the very future of our planet," the OIA said. 


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