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Rollers with internal resistance

Published October 8, 2012

GRANGER, IL (BRAIN) — SportCrafters' newest rollers features a single drum that provides simulated real-world resistance.


The feature uses patent-pending eddy current technology completely enclosed in the rear drum, so there's no external devices, and no noise. 

Single drums also are available to upgrade current rollers.

The complete rollers fit bike wheelbases from 38 inches to 44.25 inches. The width is 16 inches; the frame is tubular steel zinc coated and powder coated. The bearings are precision, low-friction packed with high-temperature grease.

A complete set of rollers with one resistance drum has a MSRP of $399. A replacement drum MSRP is $149. The drum also fits CycleOps bi-fold rollers.

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