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Chill Zone rust buster

Published February 8, 2013

HAUPPAUGE, NY (BRAIN) — Finish Line Technologies Inc.’s new rust-busting product, Chill Zone, is designed to free bike parts that are rusted stiff and would normally need to be replaced.  Chill Zone works on frozen seat posts, derailleur springs, seized crank bolts, and other rusted parts.

Chill Zone uses an aggressive refrigerant propellant that freezes and contracts metal, causing rust to crack. A high grade penetrating and release agent then breaks down and flushes out the rust. Most parts quickly regain full functionality. Chill Zone leaves behind lubricant and rust inhibitors to protect parts and prevent further corrosion, so no lubrication is needed after use.

Instructions call for spraying the rusted part for 10-20 seconds and waiting 60 to-90 seconds for the release agent to fully wick in and break the rust. For severe rust-welded parts, wait at least five minutes after spraying. When rehabbing a chain, spray one small section at a time.

MSRP is $12.99 for the 12oz aerosol and $9.99 for the 6oz aerosol.

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