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Mad Fiber updates its wheels

Published June 17, 2013

SEATTLE, WA (BRAIN) — Mad Fiber has released a major update to its carbon wheels: the Road.2 wheels. The new models, available now in tubular and clincher versions, are said to be stiffer, stronger and more durable than the previous generation.

Among the changes:

New spoke pattern on rear wheels. The spokes now cross rather than alternate, a change Mad Fiber said increases radial strength and stiffness by 15 percent. The changing also is said to improve trueness and roundness.

New freehub body. An aluminum freehub body replaces the titanium White Industries body used on first generation wheels. The new body is 11-speed compatible and can be easily swapped between Campagnolo and Shimano/SRAM models.

New axles. Mad Fiber had replaced the original wheels' chromoly axles with aluminum and updated the axle set with a locking adjustable bearing collar.

Improved finish. Mad Fiber has refined its molds and finishing processes to give a more finished appearances, especially on the back of the spkes and around the rear hub body.

New QRs. An external-cam titanium QR set has been replaced by an internal-cam skewer with a carbon lever and hollow steel skewer. The new levers offer more clamping force. The original titanium skewers will remain available as aftermarket items for lighter weight riders. 

Ceramic Speed bearing option. The wheels are available with ABEC-3 steel bearings or Cermaic Speed ceramic bearings. 

Updated bearing seats. The hub bearing seats have been changed from aluminum to Garolite, a fiber-reinforced plastic. 

Custom graphics options. Beyond the stock graphics (white for the tubulars, gray/white for clinchers), Mad Fiber will offer other color graphic options. by special order. The options are: all black/stealth graphics; gray/red; gray/blue; and gray/orange.

The new generation wheels are available with steel bearings for $2,999 or ceramic bearings for $3,199. They have a two-year warranty, a two-year crash replacement program and no rider weight restriction. 

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