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Challenge offers team-edition cotton casing 'cross tires

Published August 9, 2013

SUN PRAIRIE, WI (BRAIN) —  Challenge is making its cotton-casing cyclocross tubular, previously available only to sponsored pro athletes, available for purchase.

The Corespun cotton Team Edition casing is now available with the Grifo and Limus tread patterns.  The casings are more supple than Challenge's regular casing, allowing the tires to conform to the terrain. The casing allows the tires to be effectively run at a greater range of pressures than stiffer tires. 

Cyclocross pros including Jonathan Page and Helen Wyman have raced on the tires since last season. 

The Team Edition Limus is a mud tire and the Grifo is for dry terrain.  

The tires have seamless latex inner tubes, presta valves with removable valve cores and a puncture protection belt under the tread. Suggested pressure is 23-44 psi. Both are 33mm wide. 

The casings come pre-sealed with a light layer of latex, but Challenge recommends re-sealing as raw fibers being to show. The company also suggests avoiding heavy scrubbing, power washing or use of chemicals or solvents on the casings. 

MSRP: $129.

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The Limus team edition

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