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New Rudy Project Airstorm helmet emphasizes cooling and venting

Published April 7, 2014

DENVER (BRAIN) — Italian helmet and eyewear brand Rudy Project has introduced a new road and mountain bike helmet, the Airstorm. 

"Rudy Project has come a long way since we began developing helmets, and the Airstorm is a testament to that evolution and our engineers' commitment," said Paul Craig, president of Rudy Project North America. "By listening to our athletes and using that data to improve our design, we've come up with an incredible combination of features that's sure to impress anyone who gives it a spin, plus the Airstorm is competitively priced for the benefits it packs."

The Airstorm has 16 front vents and six rear "extractor" vents. The company said the internal crown architecture has also been shaped to create grooves that channel the flow of hot air outwards and dissipate heat.

The 260-gram helmet includes Rudy's RSR8 Retention System, an adjustable "chassis and ring" structure that allows one-handed adjustment while on the move. The Airstorm also comes with two sets of interchangeable and washable padding: a bug stop mesh protection system and thinner padding material for greater air circulation or for use with a wind bandana in winter.

The Airstream also includes a removable shading visor.

MSRP: $175.

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