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New company offers probiotics product for endurance athletes

Published February 27, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Sound Probiotics is a new brand founded by two endurance multi-sport athletes, whose first product is a probiotic designed to help endurance athletes stay healthy during heavy training and competition.

The product contains eight probiotic strains designed to target the needs of those who train and/or race regularly. It also includes Beta-Glucan, a "prebiotic," said to work as a catalyst with the other strains to increase their effectiveness.

Sound Probionics says probiotics help athletes experience fewer upper respiratory tract infections and gut complaints; are vital in nutrient production and absorption; aid in the production of B-vitamins; and enhance amino acid uptake in the gut.

The product is being endorsed by U.S. National Triathlon Champ Matty Reed and Sam Schultz, 2012 Olympian and U.S. National Champion mountain biker.

One of the company's founders is Dr. Mark Stephany, an internal medicine physician and endurance athletes. The other founder is multisport age-group athlete Ted Stephany. 

A bottle of Sound Probiotics retails for $28.99 on the company's website. Wholesale inquiries can be sent to

More information at

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