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LeMond's new book focuses on the Science of Fitness

Published September 2, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. (BRAIN) — Greg LeMond is the co-author of "The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance," a new book that condenses the current state of exercise physiology into an easy-to-read paperback, loaded with practical advice and backed by 240 scientific literature references.

LeMond's co-author is Dr. Mark Hom, a biologist and MD. It is published by Elsevier, which claims to be the largest textbook publisher in the world.

Their book explains how all the organ systems of the human body work in concert every time you hop on your bike. A large part of the book focuses on mitochondria, which produce the energy that powers your muscles, heart, brain, and every healthy process in your body.

"Greg had superior mitochondria to power his epic wins, but later developed mitochondrial myopathy from lead poisoning, making him the world's best case study in mitochondria, both the highs and the lows," the publisher said.

"This book explains exercise at the subcellular level like no other fitness book so athletes can learn the science behind proper training, genetic gift, sports nutrition and hydration, how exercise improves the mind, the latest theory of aging (and how to slow the process), and the many health benefits of lifelong exercise. Both authors explain how youth exercise transformed their childhoods.

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