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Cerevo device connects cycling sensors to smartphones and the cloud

Published December 19, 2016

TOKYO (BRAIN) — The Cerevo RIDE-1 is a frame-mounted bike computer that include a 9-axis sensor, thermometer, atmospheric pressure and brightness sensors as well as GPS. It does not have a screen like a typical bike computer, but can relay information to a smartphone app and to the cloud. 

The product will be introduced at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and will begin shipping in January as well. It will retail for $299. 

The RIDE-1 communicates via ANT+. Bluetooth and Wifi. In addition to basic information such as riding route location and speed, frame status such as lean and impact can be recorded by the main unit. When combined with a smartphone using Bluetooth, the riding log history can be viewed in real time, using the phone as cycling computer.

In addition to its own sensors, it can record and relay information from third-party sensors including heart monitors, power meters or cadence sensors. Its light sensor can turn on ANT+-compatible lights when it gets dark.

The device can connect to the nternet via wireless LAN and upload data to a dedicated web service provided by Cerevo. After uploading, data can be viewed on either a PC or smartphone using a web browser, or on the companion smartphone app.

Using the 3G/LTE connection on the user's smartphone, the device can share riding data in real time via the cloud. "RIDE-1 is not only useful for informing family and friends of your location while riding, but also can record and make available body data such as the position of rider's running, heart rate and power value to the accompanying support car or technical pit crew. Advanced bicycle riders can use the real time telemetry data to get feedback on their performance and progress," the company said.

It also is possible to register multiple RIDE-1 devices and view live telemetry from multiple riders. "During cycling with a riding group, team mates or friends, you can check in real time information about your group's current progress. You can also use the RIDE-1 group function to check current location on the way to a meeting place," the company said. 

It has battery life of about 15 hours and charges via a Micro USB port. 

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