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Rohloff adds electric shifting for 14-speed hub used with Bosch eBike systems

Published July 12, 2017

FULDATAL, Germany (BRAIN) — Rohloff is now offering an electric gear shifting shifting that will connect any existing Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 unit with the eShift-function of a Bosch eBike-System.

The company said the motor and transmission continuously communicate with each other to provide a well synchronized, smooth shifting process upon demand.

"The result: - an elegant, fast and efficient shifting process, bestowing cyclists with an extremely pleasurable riding experience," Rohloff said.

The company said its SPEEDHUBs provide the largest overall gear range available for use with mid-motor e-bikes, making them ideal for eMTBs.

"Wherever a large gear range is required which will enable cyclists to traverse great distances fast, both flat and downhill, but also offer enough low gears to climb back uphill gain, then the SPEEDHUB will deliver," Rohloff said. 

The Rohloff E-14 gear mechanism communicates and synchronizes the shift process with the Bosch e-Bike-System via standard CAN-Bus connectivity. The shifting is powered by the motor battery, similar to an integrated lighting system.

The cable operated twist shifter has been replaced by a three-button shifter unit with '+' and '-' buttons. If these buttons are held simultaneously, the E-14 unit will switch into 'Multishift Mode' and shift three gears at a time, in sequence, until released.

A complete shift through all available gears is possible in 3 seconds.

The E-14 shifting system includes an auto-downshift function so that when the bike stops, the system shifts to a pre-programmed gear of choice. Compatible Bosch displays (such as Intuvia and Nyon) will indicate which SPEEDHUB gear is selected.

The electronic Rohloff E-14 is available for model year 2018. The first E-14 equipped production bicycles will be available at retail this fall. 

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