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Time bringing out enduro and aero pedals

Published October 5, 2017

VOREPPE, France (BRAIN) — Time Sport is bringing out two new pedal designs this fall: The XPRO road pedal and the Speciale 12 enduro pedal. 

The XPRO is built off Time's Xpresso pedal design, with a wider platform and lightweight aerodynamic design.

It will be available in three versions:

  • The XPRO 15, retailing for $600, has a carbon body, hollow titanium spindle and CeramicSpeed bearings. Weight is 88 grams per pedal.
  • The XPRO 12, $400, has a carbon body and titanium spindle and standard bearings. It weighs 94 grams per pedal.
  • The XPRO 10, $250, has a carbon body and hollow stainless-steel spindle. It weighs 113 grams per pedal.

The Speciale 12 pedal is built on the foundation of Time's ATAC offroad pedals. It has a new platform shape with a longer, thinner profile for stability and comfort. The thinner body profile reduces weight as well as exposure to rock and root pedal strikes.

The Speciale 12 will retail for $350 and be available in three anodized colors: red, blue, and gray. It has a hollow steel spindle; weight is 202 grams per pedal

All the new models are said to be available this fall. 

Now that Time is part of Group Rossignol, in North America pedals are available directly from the Time offices in Park City, Utah and Montreal. Time also works with QBP and BTI in the United States for additional distribution.

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