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Delta introduces new lightweight smartphone mount

Published February 6, 2018

RANDOLPH, Mass. (BRAIN) — Delta Cycle's new X Mount Pro is a lightweight, durable, low-profile smartphone mount. It attaches under the bike's stem cap, and Delta is offering a free sample unit to stocking dealers.

"The smartphone that everyone keeps in their pockets is really the most powerful bike computer you can own," Delta Cycle's president, Jeff Greenstein, said. "People just aren't taking advantage of these smartphone tools, but the X Mount Pro takes care of that."

Greenstein noted that the newest phones rival cycling computers' battery life, provide GPS, maps and elevation data and can monitor cyclists' heart rate and other vital signs as they cycle. Unfortunately, the company said, many cyclists leave their phones in their pockets because previous phone mounts have been heavy and bulky.

The X Mount Pro is made of forged aluminum. The platform is a composite material and its phone straps are made from a proprietary, weather-resistant silicone. The patent-pending design is black and created to blend in with a bike's aesthetic.

"The mount is designed so riders can see their screens easily, but it also doesn't stick out and ruin the bike's appearance," Greenstein said. "The X Mount Pro goes on the bike's stem cap, so it doesn't take up any real estate on the bike's handlebars or interfere with other things cyclists may have mounted there."

He said the flexible design will fit any make or model bike and any smartphone. The mount retails for $24.99. 

Stocking Delta Cycle dealers can request a free sample at

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