You are here offers low-cost tracking device for owners of multiple bikes

Published April 2, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — is taking preorders for a Bluetooth LE-enabled device that attaches to bikes and, among other things, can communicate with the user's phone to track how often each bike is used. It can be used with apps that provide equipment maintenance reminders. Strava users with multiple bikes can keep track of which bike they used on a particular ride. 


"Testers found the product incredibly easy to set up and very intuitive to operate. You stick it on and forget it's there," the company said. When a bike is paired with the device via the Sync app, it is automatically registered with; the app will tell users when bike is out of range of the phone.

The beacon has a battery life of up to two years. A two-bike bundle will retail for $29 and will be shipping in August. The company is taking preorders now. is a project from the creators of, a social training log that started in 2008. More information at

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