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Yamaha releases details of upcoming US e-bike line

Published April 4, 2018

CYPRESS, Calif. (BRAIN) — Yamaha Motor Corp. USA has released details of its Class 1 e-bike line, which will be available in the U.S. this summer. 


The line includes a commuter/utility bike outfitted with an accessory package, a "high-style" fitness bike, a drop-bar road bike and a performance hardtail e-mountain bike.

Yamaha has produced electric-assist bikes since 1993. It introduced a U.S. line last fall. 

“Yamaha is a world leader in e-bike design and innovation, and we’re excited to bring these four all-new models — with more than two decades of experience and expertise built into them — to the U.S. this summer,” said Rob Trester, who leads Yamaha’s new business development division and e-bike unit. “Electric-assist bicycles open up the world of cycling to both current cyclists and an all-new audience for a variety of fun and practical purposes. Since we unveiled the Yamaha Power Assist e-Bikes to the U.S. last fall, we’ve seen incredible enthusiasm and interest from consumers, retailers and the e-bike community that is looking for a fun, reliable performance e-bike package.”

All the models use Yamaha's 500 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack with a 36V output that recharges in four hours. The power unit and battery are mounted close to the pedals to create a low center of gravity for better weight balance and riding stability. The battery is removed from the side, which the company said allows for a lower standover height.

The bikes also all use Yamaha's multifunction LCD display unit with LCD assist mode and LED power-level indicators; the display also shows speed, max speed, trip meter, odometer, range, battery capacity and cadence. 


The CrossConnect is a recreation-utility bike that comes standard with front and rear fenders, rear rack and headlight. It includes a suspension fork with adjustable compression and a through-axle. It will retail for $2,999.


The CrossCore is a hybrid fitness bike that Yamaha said delivers "class-leading power and performance features and classic Yamaha durability and reliability." It will retail for $2,399.


The UrbanRush is a drop-bar performance and commuting bike. It features recessed fender mounts, a headlight and pre-wiring for Yamaha's rear rack with integrated taillight. It will retail for $3,299.


The YDX-TORC is a 27.5-inch hardtail mountain bike with new progressive trail geometry, which the company said "allows for a more playful and stable balance for more trails of all grades." The company said the motor and battery's low center-of-gravity also improves handling. It will retail at $3,499.

The UrbanRush, CrossCore and CrossConnect models are powered by Yamaha's PWSeries SE motor, which has four levels of support: ECO+, ECO, STANDARD, and HIGH providing 70Nm of max torque and cadence support up to 110 rpm. The YDX-TORC mountain bike uses Yamaha's PW-X motor, which as five power levels: ECO+, ECO, STANDARD, HIGH and EXPW. The first four modes deliver 70Nm of max torque with a cadence support of up to 110 rpm, while EXPW increases max torque to 80Nm and rpms up to 120. The PW-X motor also features a 13 percent smaller, lighter motor case, and faster ratchet ring engagement for faster motor response. 

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The Yamaha UrbanRush.

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