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Cola in your water bottle? Hammer Nutrition adds cola-flavored Endurolytes Fizz

Published May 7, 2018

WHITEFISH, Mont. (BRAIN) — Hammer Nutrition has released their effervescent electrolyte product, Endurolytes Fizz, in a cola flavor with natural caffeine. 

Hammer Nutrition's effervescent tablets have no artificial flavors, colors, or solvents such as polyethylene glycol. All of Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes line contains the full-spectrum of electrolytic minerals to promote optimal hydration levels, muscular function, and mineral balance. 

Cola Endurolytes Fizz tablets contains 20 milligrams of caffeine derived from green tea extract. The cola tablets are offered in single-serving packets for 45 cents MSRP, 13-tablet tubes for $4.95 MSRP, and 25-count single-serving packets for $12.95 MSRP. 

Hammer offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and expiration support policies designed to make the addition of new SKUs and flavors simple and risk-free for retailers. The company has offered premium supplements and fuels since 1987. It also offers body care products, clothing, and accessories. 

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