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MIPS version of Lumos helmet available for preorder

Published May 22, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Lumos is releasing a new MIPS version of its high-visibility smart helmet featuring integrated front and rear lights, turn signals and brake indicators.

“Our  helmet  was  built  on  the  idea  that  prevention  is  the  best  protection,  which  is  why  we  emphasized  on  visibility  in  our  design,”  Lumos  co-founder  and  CEO  Eu-wen  Ding said. “But  of  course  we  want  to  protect  people’s  heads  in  case  of  accidents  too. MIPS  is  technology  that  has  been  developed  since  1996  and  is  something  that  some  of  our  users  have  requested. We  hope  that  this  makes  our  helmets  one  step  closer  to  our  mission  in  protecting  1  million  heads.”

At the beginning of May, Lumos began selling through Apple stores as well as at IBDs and direct to consumers on its website.

More information on the new MIPS helmet is available on the Lumos website.

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