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Db's new Savage bike travel case features Roll Cage design

Published May 29, 2018

MØLLEPARKEN, Norway (BRAIN) — Db's new bike travel case, The Savage, features a roll cage design the company said was inspired by race cars. 

The company said the aluminum internal frame work protects the bike while creating stability and structure. The bag is designed for road, downhill, MTB and freestyle bikes.

Db said The Savage is a hybrid bag, offering the packability and lightness of a soft case with the protection of a hard case. The Savage weighs less than a hard case bag and can also be collapsed and rolled up to 35 percent of its full size for storage. Assembling and disassembling the frame requires no tools.

The bag fits bikes with wheelbases up to 130 centimeters.

It has integrated wheel compartments (designed for wheels from 26-inch to 29-inch) with rigid PE-plastic boards and ABS rods to protect brake discs and spokes. The fork protector is compatible with Db's Road Bike Adaptor for transportation of a road bike. It also has a detachable fork protector with padded compartments for suspension fork and handlebars.

Wheel housing and plastic feet under the bag are mounted with screws instead of rivets, for ease of replacement.

The Savage is compatible with Db's hookup system, which makes it possible to attach other Db luggage and packs to the bag. MSRP is $699. 

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