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Two bikes with one power meter: Watteam updates its Powerbeat line with 2x2 option

Published July 3, 2018

IRVINE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Watteam has updated its Powerbeat power meter, introduced last year. Among the new features: a $600 kit that lets consumers easily switch a powermeter between two bikes.

The Powerbeat G3's "comp units" — the brains of the system — can be removed from the crankarm and replaced with a dummy unit for travel, bike washing or charging, or it can be switched to a second bike.

The company also has updated its iOS and Android app.

"It is no longer about delivering only data, but about helping you make decisions. Including a scaling factor, fine tune your power output and individual leg balance data according to your needs," the company said. The app converts the mobile device into a head unit that presents the rider with all the data needed, emphasizing your watt/kg.

The Powerbeat G3 will remain the same price as the G2. The G3 Single, which measures power on one crank arm, is $259; the G3 Upgrade Kit, which adds two-sided measuring to the Single, is $219. The 2x2 kit is $599. 

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