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CushCore offers tire insert for 27.5-plus wheels

Published July 11, 2018

BEND, Ore. (BRAIN) — CushCore has added a version of its foam tire inserts — the Oregon company calls them an “inner-tire suspension system” — for 27.5-plus wheels. The new insert is 50 percent wider than CushCore’s standard 27.5 insert and fits rims with internal widths of 32 to 45 millimeters and tires 2.6 to 3 inches wide.

“In addition to damping the tire’s air chamber, enhancing the suspension potential inherent in 27.5-plus tires, the new CushCore insert bolsters the tire’s sidewall, ensuring more predictable behavior, reducing tire squirm, protecting rims against impacts and allowing you to realize the full traction benefits of large tires without the potential downsides,” CushCore stated in a release.

CushCore founder Adam Krefting said, “Plus-sized tires with CushCore make a great setup for riding technical terrain. You get the plush ride and extra traction that plus-sized tires are known for, but CushCore controls the bouncy, squirmy feeling that generally comes with a high-volume casing. The bike feels more settled and you can maintain difficult lines with less effort.”

MSRP is $149 for a set of two inserts with air valves. They'll be available starting in mid-August.

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