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BIO-key launches fingerprint/Bluetooth controlled bike lock

Published November 12, 2018

WALL, N.J. (BRAIN) — BIO-key International, which has sold fingerprint-controlled locks through hardware stores and other outlets for several years, has now launched its first bike lock.

The TouchLock Bike is a cable lock that can be opened with a fingerprint or wirelessly via a mobile phone app. It initially is available through Amazon, but a company spokesman told BRAIN the company is exploring distribution options in the bike market and is open to talking to distributors and retailers. 

The TouchLock Bike is offered in three versions; fingerprint (FP); Bluetooth only (BT); and fingerprint plus Bluetooth (Pro). 

Mike DePasquale, the chairman and CEO of BIO-key, said, "BIO-key's TouchLock Bike locks are sturdy, intelligent and easy to use, leveraging the security and convenience of our biometric technology as well as Bluetooth communications. The user-friendly nature of our TouchLock Bike series makes it more likely that owners will lock their bikes at every opportunity, and by removing keys and combinations that can be lost or forgotten, we believe TouchLock provides greater protection against theft. Further, the flexibility of our solution enables users to enroll friends, colleagues and family for convenient TouchLock access wherever your bicycle may be."

"The U.S. launch of our TouchLock Bike padlock line via Amazon builds upon the excitement and sales momentum we have already initiated in Asia. We are excited to extend the reach of this product into the U.S. where we are optimistic about the sales prospects for the upcoming holiday season," he added.

More information at BIO-key International, Inc. is traded on Nasdaq under the BKYI symbol. 

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