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Aventon debuting sub-$1,000 e-bike at CABDA West

Published January 16, 2019

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Aventon will launch its newest e-bike, the $999.99 Pace 350, at the CABDA West show in Del Mar, California, this week.

Aventon, which got its start as a fixie and track brand, introduced its first electric model, the $1,400 Pace 500, last year. The new model is aimed at making e-bikes more accessible by coming in at a sub-$1,000 price point, the company stated.

"It seems like half of the e-bike market just keeps getting bigger, fancier, and more expensive," said Justin Christopher, vice president of e-commerce for Aventon Bikes. "At Aventon, we are always looking for ways to include more people in the sport we love. For many people, the barrier is price, and Pace 350 provides an incredible experience for less money."

The Pace 350 retains most of the design elements of the Pace 500 while cutting back on some features. Those changes include a less powerful but still peppy 350-watt motor and mechanical brakes rather than hydraulics. "The Pace 350 continues to offer design features with a focus on comfort and fun, including a dramatically relaxed seat tube angle — allowing riders to place their feet flat on the ground when stopped," Aventon stated.

Launching alongside Pace 350 is the Pace 350 Step-through, for riders with poor flexibility or those desiring a very low standover height.

Pace 350 is offered in Chalk White or Blue in small, medium and large sizes, while the 350 Step-Through is offered in a Chalk White or Amethyst in small or medium. Both retail for $999.99.

Both bikes will be on display during CABDA West this Wednesday and Thursday at Booth 158. Test rides are available. The bikes can be pre-booked for spring delivery.

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