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Park Tool redesigns its home mechanic repair stands for 2019

Published March 15, 2019

ST. PAUL, Minn. (BRAIN) — Park Tool has announced a complete redesign of its PCS-9 and PCS-10 Repair Stands for the new season.

The home mechanic stands are getting their first major makeover since they were introduced in 2006. The newly named PCS-9.2 and PCS-10.2 stands include:
• Oval shaped upright tubing so the clamps are always oriented correctly over the legs eliminating unwanted movement of the repair stand during use.
• Reshaped and re-contoured clamp parts.
• New leg pivot system featuring struts to keep the legs together as the stand is folded, which also creates increased rigidity while the stand is in use. Legs can now be locked up or down on both stands.
• Both stands use a steel top tube with a composite rotation bearing system providing free and easy rotation and secure locking.
• The PCS-9.2 now features ergonomic knobs for locking and height adjustment, which replace the nut and bolt assembly of the previous model. The PCS-10.2 uses quick releases for locking and height adjustment.
• Both stands now more easily fold for storage and feature increased stability while in use, holding bikes up to 80 pounds.

The PCS-10.2 features Park's cam-actuated, micro adjustable clamp that allows quick entry and exit. Fits 1" to 3" (25mm-76mm) diameter tubes and seat posts of any shape and material. It has a quick release height adjustment from 39" to 57" (99cm-145cm), a durable textured powder coat finish, and glass-filled nylon composite fittings and top tube internals creating smooth rotation and secure positioning.
It includes a height-adjustable compact tray to hold small parts, a few tools and the PTH Paper Towel Holder (optional accessory).
MSRP: $199.95.

The PCS-9.2 has a fully adjustable clamp to fit 1" to 3" (25mm- 76mm) diameter tubes and seat posts of any shape and material.
It's height adjustable from 39" to 57" (99 cm- 145 cm).
MSRP: $159.95

The stands are available now. 

More information at: Our friends at VeloNews reviewed the PCS-10.2 on Friday.

The PCS-10.2

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