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E*thirteen releases lightweight XCX Race components for mountain, gravel and cyclocross

Published April 11, 2019

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — E*thirteen's new XCX bring the brand to the gravel and cross-country markets. The company claims its XCX Race Cranks are the lightest production cranks on the market, and says its XCX Plus Cassettes offer the largest range in their class along with competitive pricing.


The XCX Race cranks weigh 398 grams with a 38-tooth UL chainring. E*thirteen says that's 213 grams lighter than a SRAM Force 1 crank with 42-tooth chainring and 40 grams lighter than Easton's EC90 SL cranks. Available in 170mm, 172.5mm, and 175mm lengths, the cranks retail for $399. 
Pricing: $399 / €399

E*thirteen also offers the new XCX Race mountain cranks, which weight 392 grams with a 32-tooth chainring. In 170mm, and 175mm lengths, also retailing for $399. 
Pricing: $399 / €399

The brand is also offering new ultralight chainrings and 11-speed cassettes.


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