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Wahoo adds color screen, enhanced navigation, and aero mount to new ELEMNT ROAM GPS computer

Published May 1, 2019

ATLANTA (BRAIN) — Wahoo Fitness has announced a new GPS bike computer model, the ELEMNT ROAM. The new model features a 2.7-inch screen, the same as the ELEMNT model, but an aero mounting system similar to that on its BOLT model. The ROAM also has a color screen and enhanced navigation features.

The new ROAM will retail for $379. The ELEMNT model is now reduced in price to $299 (from $349) and will be phased out over the next year. The BOLT continues in the line for $249 and the ELEMNT MINI is $99.

"ROAM is designed to help cyclists ride further, longer, and explore new roads or trails. New Smart Navigation features can automatically route you back onto a planned itinerary when you go off course, create a new route on the fly, or help you find the fastest way home. ROAM's crystal-clear 2.7" color display and 17+ hour battery life makes it easy for cyclists to navigate wherever their adventures take them. Like all Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computers, ROAM comes with a free, easy-to-use, smartphone-based app for initial setup and ongoing management," the company said.

Among the new features are on the ROAM are an ambient light sensor that automatically turns the screen backlight on or off and adjusts the brightness of the screen and the Quick Look LEDs beside and above the screen. 

The navigation features include "Get Me Started," which navigates cyclists to the start of their route; "Back On Track", which navigates cyclists back to their route if they take a wrong turn; and "Take Me To," which allows cyclists to select a location on their ROAM using new pan and zoom functionality, and get directions to that location. 

"As more cyclists are using their bikes to explore lesser-trafficked areas, or navigating while riding new roads or trails, we are so excited to offer ROAM — a computer purposefully designed to meet the challenges of cyclists around the world, especially navigating while riding," said Chip Hawkins, Wahoo's CEO and founder. "With ROAM, we've taken our proven, intuitive, and easy-to-use ELEMNT platform -- loved by all kinds of riders -- and added features to create a powerful new tool that cyclists can use to guide them on every kind of ride."

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