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Framebuilder Engin Cycles offers seat collar for OE and consumer sale

Published May 20, 2019

PHILADELPHIA (BRAIN) — After years of making parts exclusively for use on Engin bicycles, Engin Cycles is now offering its first part for purchase as a stand-alone product. Engin's seat collar, developed in collaboration with designer Peter Verdone, is being sold consumer direct online, and is also available to other bike builders with free engraving.

The seat collar is designed to never damage a carbon seat post and not bind a dropper post. This is primarily achieved by using two opposing bolts and a stack height of roughly 25 mm to evenly distribute clamping force over a large area. The company said the part is made to very tight tolerances to make sure when tightened to 5Nm it will hold without deforming the seat post or frame.

Engin Cycles makes its fasteners from 6-2-4-2 titanium, helping achieve a 29 gram weight in a 2-bolt design. The threads that the bolts use are formed in the part and not cut, a step the company said helps increase strength and quality.

The collars are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. All are made for use on a frame that has a 34.9mm (35 mm) seat tube and uses up to a 31.6mm seat post. The collars are made in Philadelphia and are available now.

"This is the first part of many that will be available through Engin Cycles," the company said. The webstore is at

The black and silver clamps retail for $75 and colored collars are $85. Colors available are Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple. Currently only shipping US and Canada.

Engin is not offering wholesale pricing, but customers, including bike makers, who order a minimum of 50 pieces can get free engraving on the collars. 

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