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Hornit CLUG bike racks offered in new sizes

Published July 9, 2019

EXETER, United Kingdom (BRAIN) — Hornit, the maker of the CLUB bike storage clip, is now offering the product in new sizes to fit a wider variety of tires. The CLUG is now offered in five sizes, fitting tires from 23-81mm wide.

The CLUG stores bikes upright or horizontally. It's made from a polymer plastic that grips the bike tire to hold it in place but flexes enough to allow it to be removed without any damage to the tire. It also comes with patented Toggler high performance wall plugs for installation.

The CLUG has won awards for design and for its packaging. The exterior of the box features a guide to help consumers determine they have the right size for their tires before purchase, and the lid of the box folds out to become the template for drilling holes. Once taped, the box will also catch the dust during installation.

The four sizes are:

  • roadie (1-1.25'' [23-32mm])
  • hybrid (1.3-1.7'' [33-43mm])
  • mtb (1.75-2.25'' [44-57mm])
  • mtb XL (2.3-2.7'' [58-69mm])
  • plus (2.75-3.2'' [70-81mm])

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