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Shoe commemorates 60 years of Sidi

Published December 2, 2019

SANTEE, Calif. (BRAIN) — The Sixty is Sidi's newest shoe and commemorates the company's 60th year.

The Sixty's new Tecno 4 system makes entry and exit easier, and the dial lifts away from the tongue. The rotor has been revised and is now lighter and easier to operate than previous systems. All parts are replaceable.

The microfiber Techpro upper is vented and streamlined for aesthetics and weight savings.

Sidi's newest and lightest integrated heel cup is reinforced to keep its shape during prolonged use while stabilizing and supporting the foot during hard efforts. Reflex inserts have been added for greater visibility.

The Vent Carbon Sole is handmade of carbon fiber in a weave pattern oriented at opposing angles that maximize stiffness while allowing for a small degree of controlled flex at the toe area. 

The replaceable sole vents can be used open or closed depending on weather conditions. The vents also work as water drains when used in triathlons.

The soles also feature a Look memory eyelet for easy cleat alignment and replaceable heel pad.

The MSRP is $449.99.

The Sixty commemorates Sidi's 60th year.

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