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MET releases new Rivale MIPS at $180

Published September 23, 2020

(BRAIN) — MET is releasing a new helmet with MIPS technology; the company said the Rivale MIPS model, at $180, "combines an extraordinary price-quality ratio and all of the advantages of the brain protection system against rotational forces."

The Rivale features a new Safe-T Upsilon retention system with a 360° head belt said to eliminate pressure points on the skull.

The front of the helmet has wider and longer vents to improve the ventilation. They also provide a spot for securely docking sunglasses.

The rear of the helmet has MET's signature NACA Vent built-in with a lower and tube-shaped profile, which the company said makes the new MET Rivale more aerodynamic than its predecessor and more ventilated.

The helmet weighs 250 grams in Medium. It will be available mid-October 2020.

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