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Prestacycle releases multi-purpose bike lube/degreaser

Published December 7, 2020

REXFORD, N.Y. (BRAIN) — Prestacycle One is a new bike care product from the tool maker Prestacycle.

The company said the product can serve as a dry lube, wet lube, bike wash, degreaser, rust remover, rust preventer, anti-seize, paint protectant, metal polish and leather conditioner.

Additionally, the product is made in the U.S. and certified by the USDA to bio-based, meaning it's made of agricultural ingredients.

"As one product, the cleaner lubricates, and the lubricant cleans and protects – constantly! Prestacycle One will clean, degrease and protect, and anything left on or inside the nooks and crannies is still a lube," the company said. "One small container. Imagine having all this functionality in one small package and being able to transport it with you to your bicycling events, or even on your bike."

The company said the product is "based upon an established, popular industrial lubrication that is highly-revered for its multi-functional properties. It is frequently used in applications where metal parts are lubricated in wet environments, including bearings that may be completely submerged." The product formulated and packaged at Prestacycle's facility in Upstate New York.


It is available as a liquid or a crème.


Prestacycle One Liquid 2oz.:  $11.95
Prestacycle One Liquid 4oz.:  $14.95
Prestacycle One Creme 4oz.:  $12.95

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