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Islandix Systems offers system to upgrade truing stands

Published February 2, 2021

VICTORIA, British Columbia (BRAIN) — Islandix Systems is now selling Wheel Analytics, a digital tool for building and repairing wheels. Wheel Analytics is a kit of hardware and software for upgrading truing stands like the Park Tool TS series. It uses data from digital gauges to create visualizations the company said improve accuracy, job satisfaction, and the bottom line.

Ryan Kereliuk, the system's designer, said, "Building hundreds of wheels gave me ample opportunity to imagine a truing system without limits. Going digital allows me to characterize any location on the wheel and relate it to the whole. Visualizations let this happen at a glance and empower the wheelbuilder to improve lateral and radial alignment at the same time with the fewest adjustments. Working in two dimensions is an engaging way to build wheels that fosters a genuine state of mental flow."

Wheel Analytics has been under development for three years. Mechanics who expressed interest were given early notice of retail availability and the full production capacity of January, February and March was pre-sold. To get early notice when April production is made available, contact

More information including video product tours at


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