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Unior Bike Tools releases three new products

Published March 8, 2021

ZREČE, Slovenia (BRAIN) — Unior Bike Tools has released three new products: an improved cassette wrench, screw-gripping pliers, and a crowfoot pedal wrench.

The 1670/2ABI-AXS Cassette Wrench is designed to be faster and more efficient than a traditional chain whip. Previously for 11- or 12-tooth small sprocket or 13- to 14-tooth versions, the new wrench is designed for SRAM X-Range cassettes with a 10-tooth small cog.

In addition to the lockring access hole cut into the head, the cassette holding pins are designed for a secure grip. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has a MSRP of $49.99.

Unior Tool's 407/4DP Screw Grabbing Pliers are designed to help remove stripped hex and Torx bolts as a faster alternative to finding the right sized screw extractor and drill bit. It's designed to work with heads from 3-13mm, the vertical serrations provide a firm bite to the fastener. Priced at $39.99.

The 1613/2CF Crowfoot Pedal Wrench is designed to work with a half-inch drive torque wrench and includes a laser-etched reminder to orient the wrech at 90 degrees to ensure accurate torque. While 6-8mm bits have been available to torque some pedals, until now Unior Tools has lacked a way of doing so for pedals that have only 15mm wrench flats. The wrench retails for $14.99.

These new tools are available to order now at or through your closest Unior distributor.

Screw Grabbing Pliers.

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