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State Bicycle Co. introduces Grateful Dead collection

Published April 21, 2021
Celebrating cycling and music.

PHOENIX (BRAIN) — State Bicycle Co. and the Grateful Dead announced a partnership Tuesday to produce a line of bicycles, apparel, and accessories.

Each piece is adorned with the symbols associated with the Dead: dancing bears and the lightning bolt.

State Bicycle also will produce two limited-editions of its Klunker model, decorated with dancing bears and lightning bolt decals. The SBC Klunker is a retro-inspired combination of a beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX bike.

"Having teamed up with the Grateful Dead, we are combining environmental consciousness with the free spirit that has characterized multiple generations of Dead Heads around the world," said State Bicycle co-founder, Mehdi Farsi. "The music and the vibe of the Grateful Dead is a perfect match for the expansive feelings we all gain through bicycling."

This effort is a continuation of State Bicycles' passion for combining music, culture, and cycling. 

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead Klunker

  • MSRP $549.99.
  • Sized for riders 5-foot-5 to 6-foot-3.
  • Steel frame and fork with five-year warranty.
  • BMX-styled V-bar handlebars with seven-inch rise and 30-inch extra-wide with Vans grips.
  • 27.5-inch BMX-styled rim with 2.3-inch WTB mountain bike tires.
  • Retro-styled leatherette comfort saddle.
  • 42-tooth crank ring with 22-tooth cog.
  • Coaster brakes.
  • Flat MTB-styled platform pedals. 
  • Bottle opener mounted on seat tube.  

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