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Pirelli launches new lightweight and ultra-compact TPU innertubes

Published June 1, 2021

MILAN, Italy (BRAIN) — Pirelli is the latest brand to introduce inner tubes made of TPU, borrowing technology that the brand used in its race tubular tires. The new Pirelli SmarTUBE was designed for use with Pirelli's P ZERO, Scorpion and Centurato clinchers.

"In the custom version for tubular tires, the SmarTUBE was the subject of a long and careful development project, which required several months of engineering to perfectly match the inner tube to the handmade structure of the P ZERO Race Tub SL. The clincher version that arrives on the market today incorporates much of the feedback from the World Tour project, with the aim of enhancing the performance of Pirelli clincher tires and reaching a wider range of consumers and lovers of the brand," Pirelli said.

The SmarTUBE promises a reduction in the weight up to 70% compared to lightweight latex tubes. The tubes also take up 50% less space in jersey pockets or backpacks.

The tubes are equipped with a 60 mm Presta valve stem, in black. Suggested retail is $36.90. More information at

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