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Ortlieb unveils 13-liter Seat-Pack QR at Sea Otter

Published April 8, 2022

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Waterproof pack manufacturer Ortlieb released the Seat-Pack QR at the Sea Otter Classic on Thursday, a 13-liter volume pack that fills the void between its 11-liter and 16.5-liter models.

The Seat-Lock fastening system makes it quick to mount, regardless of bike, the company said. After removal, the fastening system leaves no trace and can even be used with a dropper post as the adapter clamp only takes up 1.7 inches on a post.

Ortlieb CEO Martin Esslinger with the American subsidiary CEO Jeff Scully presented the Seat-Pack QR at the Classic.

"Being on the move has changed, pandemic-related restrictions and the increasing environmental awareness of many consumers have given the trend towards regional, sustainable holidays a real boost," Esslinger said. "People are rediscovering their homeland, often by bike, very often in bikepacking mode. The term escape routes is a good way of describing these small breaks from everyday life. Only the essentials are packed and attached to the bike and then for a short time everyday life is exchanged for complete immersion in nature."

Contents are fixed in place along with the entire pack thanks to the inner reinforcement along with the four straps and compression valve. The pack also quickly mounts and removes.

If the 13-liter volume is not enough, an elastic cord fastener allows for stowing a gilet or vest on the upper side of the 1.4-pound pack. The maximum load of 6.6 to 11 pounds depends on the position of the hooks on the saddle rails.

The PVC-free saddlebag is produced sustainably in Germany and is available from specialist retailers.

Ortlieb is at booth Y1 in the Sea Otter Expo. More information at

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