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Carbs Fuel launches more affordable high-carb energy gel

Published January 29, 2024

GOLDEN, Colo. (BRAIN) — Carbs Fuel LLC, a sports nutrition startup, has launched a new high-carbohydrate gel that sells at a lower price than similar products on the market.

The Carbs Fuel provides 50 grams of carbs per serving at $2 retail. The product does not include any preservatives, gelling agents, or additives, which the company said allows it to deliver more carbs without risk of stomach troubles.

Endurance athletes have begun using more carbohydrates in training and competition than was common year ago. (Related Velo story: ‘A Massive Change’: How a Carbohydrate Revolution is Speeding up Pro Cycling).

"As an endurance athlete, I was so frustrated by how expensive, over-complicated, and inconvenient it was to properly fuel day-to-day training and racing," said Gabe Multer, the founder and CEO of Carbs Fuel. "So I decided to make the change I'd want as a consumer. It is our mission to help more athletes effectively fuel their sport."

Multer and co-founder Aaron Gouw are lifelong endurance athletes. In addition to Carbs Fuel, Multer is the founder of Holy Cow Racing (, a cycling team with the mission of growing the cycling community and spreading fun. Gouw has a Masters in High Altitude Exercise Physiology from Western Colorado University  and is currently conducting his doctoral studies in Human Bioenergetics at the Ball State University Human Performance Laboratory.

Carbs Fuel's 3-year product roadmap may include drink mixes, caffeine products, different carbohydrate sources and forms, and more. Interested retailers can find more information at

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