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DuPont launches trademark suit against Easton-Bell Sports

Published January 31, 2013

WILMINGTON, DE (BRAIN) — DuPont filed a trademark infringement suit against Easton-Bell Sports in Delaware federal court this week.

The suit claims Easton-Bell Sports use of trademarks “DuPont” and “Kevlar” on packaging for its bicycle tires and locks suggest sponsorship or endorsement of these products by DuPont, when the companies have no such relationship. Easton-Bell Sports is not commenting on this lawsuit.

DuPont cites 14 tire offerings and six lock offerings on which Easton-Bell has made prominent use of DuPont’s Kevlar trademark. The infringing products have been sold through mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target, Kmart and e-tailers such as Amazon, EOpinions, and eBay, and through specialty bicycle retailers.

The companies discussed entering a licensing agreement to resolve their differences last July, but Easton-Bell Sports declined DuPont’s proposed license, according to the lawsuit. 

On its part last week, Easton-Bell Sports filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of California against DuPont asking the court to determine whether it infringes on DuPont trademarks. This was prior to DuPont’s lawsuit claiming trademark infringement.  

DuPont is seeking damages, that all packaging and products bearing the infringed trademarks are destroyed, and that Easton-Bell Sports be permanently banned from using DuPont trademarks, including Kevlar. No date has been set for the trial. 


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