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Camelbak Unveils Choose to Reuse Campaign

Published October 16, 2007

LAS VEGAS, NV (BRAIN)—To make it easier for people to choose sustainable hydration over bottled water, Camelbak launched an initiative called “Choose to Re-use” at Interbike.

“It is important for all of us to minimize our environmental impact,” said Sally McCoy, chief executive officer of Camelbak. “For Camelbak that will be creating radical new hydration solutions that inspire customers to give up bottled water in favor of convenient and re-usable containers.”

It’s estimated that more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away daily by U.S. consumers, and have a large impact on the environment, from the energy used in production to the cost of transportation and the handling of plastic waste.

As part of the program, Camelbak is providing select retailers with a Choose to Re-Use hydration station that delivers clean, cold and great-tasting filtered tap water. Consumers can fill their water bottles or hydration packs at the station free of charge. The station will also function as an education platform, explaining why it’s important to make this seemingly small but important change.

“The Camelbak Better Bottle has provided people a superior way to drink and carry their water, but bottled water’s appeal is also based on taste and convenience,” said Mac Tillman, Camelbak’s vice president of marketing and product management. “By enabling our retailers to provide their customers free, cool, great-tasting water, we are making it easier for people to make a more sustainable choice.”

Camelbak will pay for set up, maintenance and other costs associated with the hydration stations for the first year. It aims to set up the stations at 100 retailers during the first year, with plans to branch out to more. —Lynette Carpiet

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