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Clif Bar Doing Two-Mile Challenge Tour

Published October 16, 2007

LAS VEGAS, NV (BRAIN)—Too many two-mile trips are by car, spurring Clif Bar into action. Following Interbike this week, Clif Bar’s biodiesel bus will travel to a host of college campuses to promote its two-mile challenge.

Clif Bar has converted a 1959 GMC bus into a showcase for bicycle commuting. Clif Bar will provide an opportunity for people to map out routes to services found within a two-mile radius of their address including bike shops, grocery stores and coffee shops.

“It’s about inspiring people to fight global warming by riding bikes for trips two miles or less,” said Jeff Johnson, director of brand experience at Clif Bar.

The bus is a significant portion of the company’s presence at Interbike. Johnson pointed to staggering statistics that support the company’s thinking behind its two-mile challenge:

• 40 percent of all urban trips in the United States are two miles or less.
• Of all the trips that are two miles or less, 90 percent are by car.
• 60 percent of pollution created by cars happens within the first few minutes of operation.

“The bike is a powerful tool to fight global warming,” Johnson said. “College students are best poised to address this issue going forward because they are the voice of tomorrow.”

The tour will go to colleges in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. Johnson estimates the bus will travel to 15-20 schools including UC Berkeley, University of Oregon and Gonzaga University. Though it primarily targets colleges, the tour will also visit a few farmer’s markets and outdoor festivals.

In addition to showing students a customized two-mile radius of services, the bus will feature a section that showcases technology for commuters and teaches new riders how to customize their bikes to suit their transportation needs.

Clif Bar plans to donate $25,000 worth of bike accessories and gear to college campuses to help jumpstart or further enhance their bike programs, and $5,000 to Worldbike, an international network of bike designers and industry leaders working to provide transportation solutions and income sources for developing countries. —Lynette Carpiet

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